Hassane (25, Senegal) e Mikel (22, Gambia) got to Lucca, Italy around four years ago, driven by the desire to see their dreams come true. Constantly split and connected between two cultures, the two guys are indefatigably seeking a space of identification able to define themselves and to give them boundaries, as well as a sense of belonging and identity.
We are a generation that barely knows how to answer directly to the question “Where do you feel at home?”. Our homes have thousands of faces and thousands of names, they are sensations, colors, smells, memories transcending the idea of the four physical walls where we keep our belongings.
In this society continuously moving and melting, that welcomes what is different and absorbs it, “Dov'è Casa Mia?” is the research of a shelter where to be ourselves, where the physical concept of home looses its meaning and becomes something evanescent, ephemeral, transient, and sometimes even limiting.

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